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About us

“Xiangxiu”(Hunan hand-embroidered artworks) is one of the four famous embroidery categories originating from China with a history of more than 2500 years. Embroidery artworks from Hunan are strongly valued and appreciated eternally by many people for its beauty, elegant and excellent workmanship and also are collected by numbers of embroidery enthusiasts.

Hunan Girls’ Embroidery Manufacturing Company (HGEMC) was established in 1996 by Mrs.Jianxin Liu, one of the most famous embroidery art masters in China, and who has been engaged in embroidery art around 40 years. Mrs. Liu’s extraordinary embroidery techniques make her win awards in several national art & craft competitions and earn her lots of respect and reputation both home and abroad. In HGEMC, She brings up a number of senior embroidery artists to follow her steps and create a lot of excellent artworks.

Embroidered works and process are highly complex tasks, the artists have to split the hair-thin colored silk thread into various filaments to even 1/50 of its original thickness, and use these in embroidering to conceal in the process of thousands of ends and joints. Just like in painting, our masterpieces are embroidered into picture's arts of any kinds from landscape, people, animals, flowers to even custom's portrait or of any customer's references. Our embroidery techniques tend toward shapes and figures instead of refined colour patterns. Every detail is elaborately worked out with silk threads. The craft-person transmits messages in the texture of the threads, keeping memories on piece of cloth forever. To reach the objective, the embroiderer has to observe the traditional conventions. One of the major professional principles to follow is the thread arrangement. Individual creativeness means persistence and patience. In painting, colour patches may be spread out in accordance with the artists' inspiration, while the embroidery craft-person tries to control one's feelings with needle and thread forcing them to abide by her regulation. The repeat of one action in embroidering suggests eternity. The unique viewpoint of the embroidery development is that of the modern man who knows how to appreciate it. It is unrealistic, naive and meaningless to attempt to compare embroidery with painting. The fine but solid texture of the thread and the craft-person's persistence have developed the traditional art.

HGEMC could embroider any of your designs or references including customer's portraits. We assure you that our masterpieces will take your breath away with admiration of the details and pain-taking of workmanship.